Phnom Penh (FN), March 22 – Prime Minister Hun Sen chaired the graduation ceremony at the National Institute of Education on Wednesday morning.

“This is my 19th time to chair the ceremony, as I have some words for all of you before getting to teach,” stated the premier.

The premier stated that human resource training is different from planting crops. We need only 4 to 5 years to plant a rubber tree, but at least 16 years is needed to get a Bachelor’s Degree and another year for practicum.

The Prime Minister stressed the need for investment in school buildings and the importance of education for the development of students.

He suggested the need to renovate older buildings, thereby providing students with safe learning environments.

The premier continued that Cambodia is proud to possess enough human capital to work in national and international affairs.

He added that Cambodia has become the coordinating group leader for Less Developed Countries (LDCs), and has contributed a workforce to the United Nations.

However, he believes that there is a need to strengthen the country's human resources.

The premier urged the armed forces not to be jealous of teachers and doctors with high-paid salaries. Children are taught and treated by teachers and doctors. Instead, he argued that the armed forces must work hard to ensure safety for all citizens.

The premier reiterated that he has always been a champion for education in Cambodia.

The premier praised the Ministry of Education for the timely salary increase for teachers.

The premier finished his remarks at 9:12 A.M