Phnom Penh (FN), March 5 - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has acknowledged his voice in a newly leaked conversation with CNRP president Kem Sokha.

"I acknowledge that it is my real voice. I have exchanged many times of conversation with H.E. Kem Sokha via Whatsapp. I am surprised with Facebook page, known as Seyha who is able to hack my conversation with H.E. Kem Sokha. Such machine (equipment) can only be used by the U.S., Israel or Germany and that has been used to listen to the conversations of German and European leaders," he said.

The premier added that "some brothers and sisters were suspicious as if my voice is fabricated, but that you should judge on the content instead. Who is able to say such a general political context? Even deputy prime minister does not have right and nor capacity to say as such. Do not accuse me of buying them, their heads can not be cut and bought but if they want to consult with me, for sure, I can give advice and whether or not he follows--is his right. Some accuse me of using trick but was the one who was speaking with me wanting that trick? And the one who has insulted my wife and son as wife and son of a Vietnamese leader--was it not a trick or cheap?"

Hun Sen said that as a human being, one should not falsely accuses someone's wife, daughter, mother or niece as a prostitute or not virgin (the story will not end up at this if there is no solution from the accuser. He said "you cannot pretend to ignore it."

And on the conversation issue, he again, acknowledged it "as his and whether H.E. Kem Sokha accepts it as true or not, you may ask him."

The premier's confirmation was made just hours after that conversation, considered as top secrete, between Hun Sen and Kem Sokha was leaked in the evening on March 4 through Facebook account known as Seyha.

The new leakage was posted on Facebook after Cambodia National Rescue Party denied a leakage of conversation among Kem Sokha, CNRP lawmaker and a staff of Hun Sen's cabinet that was released March 3.

The conversation between Hun Sen and Kem Sokha was made on Sept. 25, 2016 and lasted more than 20 minutes, touching on how to challenge Sam Rainsy and get him out of the party and to be replaced by Kem Sokha.

In that conversation, Kem Sokha was also seeking help from Hun Sen to discharge him from court case involving with sex scandal.

The whole conversation is available on Facebook.