Phnom Penh (FN), Feb 21 - The US-ASEAN Business Council, representing over 500 corporations including Fort Cambodia, Coca Cola, Microsoft and Chevron, said that they would increase their overall investments and advocate corporate growth in Cambodia.

The Committee has requested safe and humane work environments for workers. The government has responded that working conditions have always been excellent.

Minister of Labor and Vocational Training, Ith Samheng, told reporters that, “More American corporations plan to invest in Cambodia and the US-ASEAN Business Council represents over 500 massive American companies.”

He added that the meeting was motivated by the first commercial agreement written in 1999 with articles relating to working conditions and increased investment of garment industries.

The Minister told the Council that, “The Cambodian government and Ministry of Labor will always practice good working standards, allowing Cambodia to maintain a good reputation within manufacturing and to avoid the exploitation of workers and children, have freedom in ethical concerns, along with other guarantees.”

The Council was grateful for the reiteration and promised to promote investment in Cambodia.

Between 2013 to 2016, the exports from Cambodia to the United States has increased from 2.7712 billion USD to 2.8125 billion USD.