Phnom Penh (FN), Jan 11 – The National Assembly will host an urgent Permanent Committee’s meeting on Monday next week to examine the amendment on law on political party, according to N.A’s spokesman Leng Penglong.

“I will send the invitation to the 10 chairpersons of the N.A’s commissions including chairmen from CNRP to attend the meeting on Monday, 13”, said Leng Penglong.

“Even though CNRP chairmen of the N.A’s commissions will not be able to attend, the meeting will still proceed”, he added.

The request to enact the new law by 60 CPP’s National Assembly members had been submitted to the National Assembly on Friday.

The amendment was made following the request of Samdech Prime Minister Hun Sen during the last National Assembly’s meeting on January 31, 2017.

The amendment aims to ban any convicted politicians from running or standing as president or vice president of a political party and to shut down the party if the crime is serious.

On Facebook, Sam Rainsy said that, “… The new law in Cambodia to remove my position does not have any real power in politics. Despite that I would lose my position in the CNRP, I hope that I would be a symbol, representing strong courage of the Cambodian citizens who are against dictatorship and corruption.”

Sok Ey San, spokesman of Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) said that, “Making a new law, and amendment are required by the nation and for the people, without discrimination against any political paths, nationality, ethnicity, religion, tradition or culture.”