WASHINGTON, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) -- The White House is looking for someone to take some load off of its press secretary Sean Spicer, after his performance in the briefing room disappointed President Donald Trump, local media reported Tuesday.

According to CNN report, the White House is now in search of a communications director, a position now held by Spicer, along with the post of White House press secretary.

CNN cited multiple sources as saying that Trump disliked Spicer's performance in the first two weeks of the administration.

Spicer went off to a rocky start with the press after angrily accusing the press of covering news incorrectly and deliberately trying to paint Trump in a negative color in his first appearance as the press secretary.

He tried to make good with jokes and offered more question opportunities during later press briefings, but never managed to stitch together the crevice.

He was called out by the media multiple times for giving out false facts and found himself cornered in many occasions trying to defend some of Trump's controversial remarks.

Saturday Night Live, a famous U.S. comedy show, drew nationwide attention after it ran a sketch in which actress Melissa McCarthy delivered a unflattering portrayal of Spicer.

The episode heightened Trump's worries that Spicer may not be well suited to be the image of the administration, CNN report said.

Spicer himself on Monday shrugged off speculations that he was shaken by the satire, saying the McCarthy bit was too exaggerated.

Spicer was not Trump's initial choice for the job, but secured the position with the backing of close ally Reince Priebus, Trump's chief of staff, reports said.