BUCHAREST, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) -- Some 500 U.S. soldiers are on their way to Romania, as part of the American commitments in ensuring the security of the east flank of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), announced the Defense Ministry of Romania on Tuesday in a release.

The American troops left Monday from Poland for Romania, together with their military technic in endowment: M1 Abrams tanks, M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and 155mm self-propelled howitzer M109A6 Paladin type.

The U.S. fight unit is part of the Brigade 3 Armored which deployed around 3,500 servicemen and 2,800 pieces of military technic in Bremerhaven, northwestern Germany, at the beginning of January.

After reaching the "Mihail Kogalniceanu" Air Base in Constanta County, southeastern Romania, the Americans will conduct shooting exercises with fighting ammunition and attend several multinational exercises, together with the Romanian servicemen, according to the release.

The unit will station in Romania for nine months, afterwards it will be replaced by another fight unit, ensuring a consistent presence, based on continuous rotation in Europe.