JAKARTA, Jan. 25 (Xinhua) -- Indonesia's resort island of Bali garnered awards as 2016 best and most exciting honeymoon destination from influential travel media.

"Commencing 2017, Bali obtained awards from Youku Travel and Sina Double Platform Big Data as 2016 Best Honeymoon Destination. It improves our confidence. We are very proud of earning that title," Deputy Minister for Foreign Marketing Development at Indonesia's Tourism Ministry I Gde Pitana said in a statement released on Wednesday.

Pitana was referring to the award delivered by China's travel reviewer website in Powers of Travel Ceremony event held recently in Beijing, China.

Prior to that, world's influential travel magazine Travel+Leisure awarded Bali as among world's most exciting honeymoon places, puts Bali among 2016 Best 5 Honeymoon Place in the world in various categories.

Pitana's assistant overseeing tourism marketing in Asia-Pacific region, Vincensius Jemadu, said Bali witnessed the wedding of at least 100 Chinese couples throughout last year, Jemadu said.

In Bali, honeymooners can pick any kind of activities they preferred into, from having romantic dinner by the sea after sunset, surfing, snorkeling and diving with their spouses together, playing with dolphins, spending more time in cultural serene place like in Ubud, or having very private moments in secluded villas in Jimbaran, Jemadu added.