KUALA LUMPUR, Jan. 12 (Xinhua) — Malaysian police has deported eight Indonesian students after one of them was found to be in possession of a mobile phone containing pictures linked to the Islamic State, the Malaysian state news agency Bernama reported Thursday.

Citing a source from the Counter Terrorism Unit under the Malaysian federal police, Bernama said the eight students were handed over by Singaporean border inspection personnel who found images linked to IS in one of the students' mobile phone, including a homemade bomb made from a shoe.

After questioning the suspects, the police learnt that the images were obtained from a WhatsApp group chat.

According to the report, the suspects, from a school in West Sumatra of Indonesia, came to Malaysia to seek medical treatment since Jan. 4 and also spent several days in Pattani of Thailand to learn about the education system at the Islamic Education Board in the district.

It is not found yet why they wanted to enter Singapore through the Johor border.

The report said the suspects were deported Wednesday to Batam, Indonesia by ferry.