SEOUL, Jan. 9 (Xinhua) -- South Korea's defense ministry said Monday that its military is closely watching whether the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) would possibly test-launch its long-range missile.

Defense Ministry spokesman Moon Sang-kyun told a routine press briefing that the country's military is closely trailing and monitoring the DPRK's possible launch of its intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) such as KN-08 or its enhanced version KN-14.

Regarding the launch timing, the spokesman said the DPRK may use a variety of events to celebrate anniversaries scheduled for this year, without elaborating on details.

His comments came after top DPRK leader Kim Jong Un said in his new year's speech that Pyongyang entered a final stage in preparations to test-launch a long-range ballistic rocket.

Referring to the KN-14 missile, the spokesman said the DPRK advanced its technology to launch the ICBM from a mobile launcher.

Moon expressed regrets over the DPRK leader's remarks violating the UN Security Council resolutions, which prohibit the country from testing any ballistic missile technology. He said threats of the ICBM launch is an act to damage peace and stability of the international community.

The spokesman warned that if Pyongyang test-launches any ICBM in defiance of South Korea's warning, the DPRK would face tougher pressure and sanctions, vowing to sternly retaliate against any DPRK provocation.