Phnom Penh (FN) Jan 7 – The U.S. Government through its Embassy in Cambodia said that Jan. 7, the city of Phnom Penh was liberated from the Khmer Rouge and that had led Cambodia to a brighter future.

"On January 7, 1979, the city of Phnom Penh was liberated from the murderous Khmer Rouge regime, changing the course of history and charting the path to a brighter future for all Cambodians", according to the statement released on Saturday.

"On this anniversary of that important day, the U.S. Embassy pauses to remember the victims of the Khmer Rouge and to express our continued support for a peaceful, prosperous, and democratic Cambodia," it added.

The statement was released on the same day with the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) to celebrate the 38th Anniversary of Victory Day participated by thousands, mostly the party's members, CPP senior officials, and foreign diplomats at CPP Central Committee in Phnom Penh.

Victory Day (Jan. 7) is held annually to celebrate the overthrow of Pol Pot’s Genocidal Regime that marks the ending of black era which killed approximately 3 million lives, opening a new chapter of independence, freedom, democracy, and social progress.