PHNOM PENH (FN), 8 Oct. – Prime Minister Hun Sen’s eldest son Hun Manet said in his Facebook page today that the attempt by Hong Lim, an Australian MP for Victoria, to instigate a demonstration against his visit to Australia failed to obstruct the gracious and supporting hearts and minds of the great Cambodian family in Australia.

Manet left Cambodia on October 6, 2016 leading a youth delegation of 23 members of the Cambodian People’s Party to Australia for a meeting with CCP supporters in Australia and for a ceremony to celebrate the integration of the new members. Unlike before, his visit to Australia this time was to meet a protest by a number of Cambodian diaspora in Australia at the instigation of Mr. Hong Lim, an MP known to have close relations with the opposition Cambodian National Rescue Party.

As anticipated, a number of Cambodians in Australia came out to hold placards against him. However, Manet said in his Facebook page on October 8, 2016 that the demonstration could not prevent him from meeting with around 600 Cambodian nationals in Australia out of the minds and hearts of a great Khmer family.

“Despite the instigation and arrangement, the demonstration ended up with around 150 participants and failed to hinder a meeting of around 600 Cambodian people in Melbourn who were supportive of a great Khmer family and came to join a family dinner on October 7, 2016,”Manet wrote on his Facebook page.

Manet emphasized also in his Facebook page that the dinner was honored by the attendance of Victoria’s senator Bruce Atkinson. Manet thanked all participants to the event and said that it was a show of solidarity among Khmers.