SEOUL, Oct. 6 (Xinhua) — At least five people were killed, with five others missing, as typhoon Chaba hit South Korea, the country's public safety ministry said on Thursday.

The tropical storm passed the country's southern part and the southern resort island of Jeju, killing five people and leaving five others unaccounted for as of 6 a.m. on Thursday, according to the Ministry of Public Safety and Security. The typhoon moved to Japan last night.

In the southern port city of Busan, one construction worker was killed for the collapse of a tower crane, with another found dead as he fell from the rooftop of a two-story house. One was killed after falling from a breakwater in an island near Busan, according to local media reports.

A woman was killed as she was swept away by floods at a parking lot in the southeastern city of Ulsan. One person was found dead at a parking lot in the city.

Five people were still accounted for, including one firefighter in Ulsan and one fisherman in Jeju island. One person was missing in Gyeongju city after a car overturn, with one farmer being swept away by floods in the city. Mirayng in South Gyeongsang province also reported a missing person.

A number of property damages were also reported, including the construction of 14 houses in Jeju island and the inundation of 508 houses in the southern part of the country.

Floods caused damages to 22 factories, 150 commercial buildings and 7,747 hectares of farmlands in the country's southern part. About 1,150 vehicles were inundated, including some 900 inundation cases in Ulsan.