CANBERRA, Aug. 2 (Xinhua) — Former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd has described sitting PM Malcolm Turnbull as a "brick wall" in his campaign to become the next UN secretary-general.

Video from Saturday's Young Labor function emerged on Tuesday, in which the former Labor premier said Turnbull's decision to block his bid for the UN top job was "part of the collective scar tissue of life."

On Friday, the Australian government chose not to endorse Rudd for the position of secretary-general which is set to be vacated by Ban Ki-moon at the end of this year. A candidate for the position must be formally nominated by their government to be considered for the position.

In the speech, Rudd said he had always endeavored to "make a huge difference" not only as prime minister, but as foreign minister and also on the international stage, until he was stopped in his tracks by a "brick wall".

"And then one of those other brick walls presented itself in the form of Malcolm Turnbull," Rudd said.

This is the latest in the war of words between Rudd and Turnbull since the government's decision. On Monday, Rudd released details of personal emails between himself and the prime minister,  which detailed how Turnbull was previously in support of an Australian bid for the UN top job.

Turnbull retaliated on Monday evening by saying the release of the "private emails" speaks enough about Rudd's "character," vindicating his decision to block Rudd's tilt at the UN.