Phnom Penh (FN), Nov. 12 – Former lawmaker of Australian parliament, social analyst, and civil society representative have blamed Sam Rainsy, former leader of the dissolved CNRP, after failing a coup plan to overthrow the legitimate government on 9 November 2019, speaking in a forum hosted by Cambodia Daily on 9 November.

So Naro, a former social analyst who supported Rainsy, said that the 9/11 repatriation plan was a true failure, for it has passed the deadline.

According to Naro, the two factors leading to Rainsy's failure are:

First, there are no clear plans. Sam Rainsy had just arrived in Malaysia on the 8th; in fact, he had to land in Malaysia on the 1 November to organize mass power to implement the plan.

Second, bad political messages. Sam Rainsy has sent a hatred message against the family of Prime Minister Hun Sen; insulted the king and monarchy.

"No countries in this world support changes through armed forces. We have seen that some diplomats have been reluctant to come forward and defend the CNRP, of fear that [Samdech] Hun Sen accused them of supporting the rebels," he said.

Pa Nguon Teang, president of the Cambodian Center for Independent Media, said that Rainsy's preparation was not well-organized.

"The plan is big, shall not be kidding. It has to be carefully prepared; one has to think which political message to send out first, followed by second message," he said.

Political analyst Kim Sok echoed Nguon Teang, saying that Rainsy's 9/11 plan was too very bad, and that Sam Rainsy was a coward. He said that if he had only a one-third of Rainsy's supporters, he would return home.

"If I had one-third of Rainsy's supporters, I would come home,” Kim Sok said.

Hong Lim, a former Cambodian lawmaker in Australia, criticized Rainsy for his "outspokenness" but "lacks of actions". He called on Sam Rainsy to quit politics, leaving chance for the younger generation.

Hong Lim said Sam Rainsy had been in politics for 25 years and had only abused and taken money from supporters, but no success.

"Our nation needs a clear plan and visionary leader," Hong Lim said. I call on Sam Rainsy to step down with honor. Let the next generation lead with clear political program and transparency, rather than just shout and shout and collect money from supporters," Lim stated.