PHNOM PENH, July 21 (FN) — Fifty-two workers at the Grand East Footwear International factory in southern Cambodia's Kandal province fainted on Thursday morning due to poor health, according to a report on the National Police website.

The fainted workers at the factory, which employs about 1,100 people, were sent to a hospital and private clinics for medical treatment, according to the police.

No one was in critical condition.

"Some workers believed that the spirit of a ghost came into a worker and then the other workers got shocked, triggering mass fainting; however, doctors said that the incident was caused by workers' poor health," the police report said.

It was the second mass fainting at the factory within this week. On Monday, 88 workers collapsed at the factory with the same reason.

Mass faintings occur frequently in Cambodian garment and footwear factories. The Labor Ministry reported that some 1,806 workers in 32 factories fainted in 2015. The main causes were overwork, poor health, poor environment, and exposure to chemical substances.