MANILA, July 20 (Xinhua) — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte continues to enjoy the trust of "overwhelming majority" of Filipinos, a survey said Wednesday.

Pulse Asia Research Inc. said in its latest survey that 91 percent of the 1,200 Filipinos interviewed nationwide expressed their trust to Duterte. Only 0.2 percent of the respondents distrust the new Philippine president, the survey said.

The survey polled 1,200 Filipinos from July 2 to 8.

"President Duterte begins his stint as the country's 16th president with an overwhelming majority of his constituents expressing trust in him and practically no one distrusting him," the survey said.

"The rest of Filipinos (8 percent) cannot say if they trust or distrust Duterte," according to the survey.

The survey also showed that Filipinos want the Duterte administration to control the prices of commodities, create more jobs and craft new pro-poor programs in its first six months in office.

It added that 48 percent of Filipino surveyed would like the Duterte administration to address the problem of criminality immediately.

Other issues that Filipinos want Duterte to address are granting of loans to small entrepreneurs and the self-employed, the preparation of a program addressing the government's debt problem, and the continued pursuit of peace negotiations with different armed groups.

Duterte assumed presidency on June 30.