Phnom Penh (FN), July 19 – Senior General Chhum Socheath, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense told Fresh News this afternoon of July 19, 2016 that the Army is seeking the arrest of a man who has called for a coup against the legitimate government of Cambodia, asserting that the Army is determined to deter either a revolution or a coup in Cambodia and will take all necessary measures to protect the legitimate government.

The statement made by Senior General Socheath came after a man claimed to be from a military unit in the South West region of the country, posted a message on Facebook and YouTube calling on the Armed Force to be prepared to take part in a coup to topple the legitimate government imminently.

In a harsh reaction to the appeal, Senior General Chhum Socheat said “The appeal is unconstitutional, unacceptable.”
“We will take legal actions in this regard and we will not allow anybody to stage a coup, since this current government is a legitimate government that must be protected by the army. We therefore will not allow such a thing to happen,” he added.

The appeal for a coup against the legitimate government was seen posted in a Facebook account named “Siem Reap Angkor” yesterday with a ‘link’ from a YouTube page on July 17, 2016. However, the identity of the person who posted it has not yet been determined.