Phnom Penh (FN), July 13 – There is no discussion between Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) with Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP) over blaming one another on Kem Ley’s murder, according to CPP’s spokesperson Sok Eisan.

The investigation on Kem Ley’s murder is the role and duty of the authority in charge, hence political parties shall not interfere, Eisan stated adding that so far, CPP did not blame any party behind the murder, since the case is being scrutinized. However, CNRP’s leader already accused CPP for staying behind the murder.

Eng Chai Eang, CNRP’s lawmaker spoke in the press conference at CNRP Headquarter this morning of July 13, 2016 that the political status is at tension and there shall be a discussion and participation between and of two major political parties to solve the issue of Kem Ley’s death.

“CNRP appeals to the ruling party for a discussion as political situation is getting serious. We would like to have an independent investigation since there were many make-up stories over the assassination,” said Eng Chai Eang.

President of CNRP, Sam Rainsy blamed the Royal Government of Cambodia as a man behind the death of Kem Ley immediately after he was slain. The premier did not react to Rainsy’s comment; however, he encouraged people to think deeply on this issue and question who would gain the most from the Kem Ley’s death? In fact, the Royal Government of Cambodia is the major loser for being regarded as a nation that could not secure peace and safety for its citizens.