Phnom Penh (FN), July 13 – Lawmakers of the opposition Cambodian National Rescue Party issued a statement today, July 13, 2016, calling for participation of proper, professional and independent specialists in investigating the slaying of Mr. Kem Ley, known as a prominent political analyst in Cambodia.

In the statement, CNRP lawmakers called on international organizations including the U.N. to engage in the investigation in the assassination of Mr. Kem Ley to ensure that murder of political nature can never get away from justice and to put an end to such inhumane acts.

Dr. Kem Ley was gunned down last Sunday morning of July 10, 2016 while having his coffee in convenience store of a gas station at an intersection of Monivong and Mao Tsetung Blvd in Phnom Penh. Immediately after the attack, a suspect identifying himself as Chub Samlab, was chased after by police and an angry mob and was finally arrested near to Aeon Mall.

By today, July 13, 2016, the suspect has been charged by the prosecutor of planned murder and of carrying a weapon without a permit under Article 200 and Article 490 of the Criminal Code. The prosecutor also charged the weapon vendor of selling the weapon without permission under Article 20 of the Law on Management and Control of Weapons, Ammunition and Explosives.

Based on days of preliminary questioning, both the prosecutorial office and the police have hinted there are a lot positive clues that could be helpful to further investigation.