Phnom Penh (FN), Dec. 30 – Cambodian Minister of Interior Sar Kheng, on Sunday, rejected the accusation made by the exiled former opposition leader Sam Rainsy.

The convicted Sam Rainsy recently spoke on the foreign-backed media, Radio Free Asia, accusing the leaders of the ruling Cambodian People Party, particularly the interior minister, saying the ministry banned him from entering the kingdom.

The Minister clarified that Sam Rainsy had committed a lot crimes and been sentenced accordingly. Rainsy run away by himself and whether he decided to come back or not depends on him.

“Whether to repatriate or not depends on himself [Rainsy]; no one is going to ban him from coming back,” Minister Kheng wrote on Facebook Sunday.

“Why would I be an idiot to tell Rainsy not to come back? Such thing would violate the Constitution,” the Minister continued, adding that “It’s like giving a knife to Sam Rainsy to stab me at any time.”

The tricky Rainsy also accused Minister Kheng of saying “It’s hard to work with Prime Minister Hun Sen” which aimed to break apart the leadership of CPP.

In response, the Interior Minister said he has worked with Prime Minister for 40 years under any circumstances. The success of the sixth mandate election was clearly reflected through the unity and strength of the ruling CPP.