PHNOM PENH (FN), June, 9 – Over 300 Cambodian soldiers of the UN Peace Keeping Force arrived home this morning of June, 9, 2016, after successfully fulfilling a one-year mission in Somalia and South Sudan.

The repatriating 309 soldiers are from the Airfield Engineering Unit 918, and the UXO Destruction Unit 312 and the Gendarmerie Unit 168. The event was presided over by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense Tea Banh.

In his remark congratulating the troops for their successful participation in the UN peacekeeping mission over the last one year period, Gen. Tea Banh also said that it proved of another international commitment by the Cambodian government toward peace and humanitarianism in the world.

“That was an honorable task performed by the nation and it was a testimony that Cambodia enjoys national harmony and being capable of developing the country,” said Gen. Banh.

UN Resident Coordinator in Cambodia Ms Claire Van der Vaeren also expressed appreciation to the Cambodian peace keepers for their fulfillment of missions with bravery, good discipline, and particularly Cambodian female soldiers for being well-qualified as UN peacekeepers.

Ms Vaeren also thanked the Cambodian government for its commitment to participation in the UN peacekeeping missions around the world.