Koh Kong (FN), Dec. 16 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen told the United States not to harm and kill Cambodia and that Cambodia does not allow foreign military bases on the Kingdom.

The premier’s clarification came after US Vice President Mike Pence doubted China's military bases in the Cambodian coastal province under the excuse of the investment.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 7th Sea Festival in Koh Kong province on 15 December 2018, Prime Minister Hun Sen questioned why Cambodia needs to have a foreign military base? Constitution of Cambodia determines no foreign military bases on the territory.

"I do not understand what you [US] want Cambodia to do besides killing Cambodia in the past! what do you want more from Cambodia?” the premier addressed.

The premier urged the US not to kill or harm Cambodia again and reassured that it is Chinese investment at the coast, not military base.

"Now we have satellite observing from above, do you see we set up a submarine base? In fact, there is no need for Cambodia to buy a submarine, so no submarine base,” the premier added.

Cambodia strictly adheres to the Constitution, which bans foreign military bases in the kingdom and Cambodian military bases abroad, except under the framework of United Nations.