Phnom Penh (FN), Dec. 2 – Kem Sokha, President of the dissolved Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) announced that he has the rights to allow his lawyer speaking and reflecting his wills on his behalf as the laws regulated.

His statement was made in response to former opposition leader Sam Rainsy’s supporters. They claimed that Kem Sokha’s lawyer Chan Chen does not speak the truth, which does not reflect Sokha’s true will.

“I, Kem Sokha, met my lawyer at my house on Sunday morning. As the client, I have the rights to allow my lawyer to speak and reflect my wills on my behalf as the laws regulated,” Sokha wrote on his Facebook earlier today.

Sokha’s lawyer Chan Chen told Fresh News that on 28 November 2018, his client announced to oppose former opposition leader Sam Rainsy’s conference to be held in December 2018.

Cambodia National Rescue Party in US (CNRP-USA) also released a statement to support Kem Sokha in opposing Sam Rainsy’s conference to be held in US’s Atlanta, Georgia.

A number of former opposition officials said the conference aimed to reinstate Sam Rainsy as president of the dissolved party, which caused disagreements among members.

"The organization of the Atlanta conference, held on 1-2 December, indicates that some supporters and leaders of CNRP have left and abandoned the party to join Sam Rainsy’s national rescue movement,” CNRP-USA wrote in the statement released on 30 November.

Kem Sokha's CNRP-USA also called on all members of the dissolved party to be informed of the conference and keep follow up with the activities which destroys Khmer people abroad and the party itself, according to the statement.