Phnom Penh (FN), Nov. 19 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen announced that Cambodian armed forces absolutely do not participate in military operations with any countries, except under the framework of the United Nations (UN); and that the Kingdom does not allow foreign military bases on her soil, speaking in a cabinet meeting on Monday.

“Should Cambodia violate her own constitution? Cambodian constitution bans the presences of foreign troops and military bases on her soil and that Cambodian armed forces are also prohibited to participate in military operations of any countries, except under the framework of the United Nations as we dispatched our troops to Lebanon, Sudan, South Sudan, Mali, and Central African Republic,” the premier stated.

“I will reply to US Vice President Pence’s letter regarding Cambodian stance and her constitution that bans foreign military base in the Kingdom regardless of army, navy, or air force,” he continued adding that:

“I question their intentions upon Cambodia; or they just took that [accusations] as the excuse to sanction Cambodia for just welcoming the Chinese tourists and investors? I deeply regretted foreigners’ speculations, those who attempted to blacken Cambodia again and again, while she did not do anything wrong.”

The Strongman underlined that, “Cambodia neither wants foreigners to fight on Cambodian territory like in the past, nor wants Cambodia to be a site to test any ideologies or weapons. Cambodia wants to befriend every nation in the world.”

“I would like to reaffirm that Cambodia does not allow foreign military bases regardless of navy, army, or air forces. We reject any alleged information [on the opening of a naval base in Cambodia's coastal area]; I will write a letter to Mike Pence to explain clearly to him on this issue,” the premier added.