Phnom Penh (FN), Nov. 14 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, on Wednesday, reacted to the statement of opposition party’s legal team who spoke on Radio Free Asia on Tuesday, accusing the premier of violating the Constitution and independent court for not releasing Kem Sokha, who is currently under judicial control.

Speaking in an interview with Fresh News CEO Lim Chea Vutha this morning, Prime Minister stated that: “According to law came into force, not just wait for the horse to grow horns, it will not happen even in the next millennium, to pardon accused whom has not been sentenced by the court.”

The premier added that, “The one [Sam Rainsy] who attacked me could not understand my deep words under political and legal frameworks; thus he set up the trap where he himself fell into.”

“As this time I was asked to bet on political career by a political mob, I thus require evidence and would like to request my lawyer to keep this evidence legally.”

Prime Minister’s statement addressing to garment workers in Takeo province recently is quoted as follows: “If not yet sentenced, there is no offenses to be pardoned. Hun Sen has no rights to request to His Majesty to grant an amnesty to an accused or when the court’s verdict has yet released […] I want to send message that wait until the horse grows horns for it the happen.”

Prime Minister underlined: “The legal team, including lawyers, who support the political mob shall learn to listen to my word clearly before foolishly interpret. You are not only legally incapable, but also the disabled who could not listen to and analyze Prime Minister’s words correctly.

Article 77 of Cambodia’s Prison Law stated that “If necessary, Head of the Royal Government has the privilege to request to His Majesty to grant amnesty to convict any time.”

It can be understood that Kem Sokha is not eligible to be granted amnesty, as he has yet been sentenced. Kem Sokha is the "accused" not the “convict”; therefore, Prime Minister could not exercise his privilege to request to His Majesty to grant amnesty to Kem Sokha.