CANBERRA, May 17 (Xinhua) -- Politicians who allow global warming to destroy Australia's crucial natural resources pose a bigger long-term threat to Australia than terrorism, according to leader of the Australian Greens Party, Richard Di Natale.

Di Natale is set to speak at the Lowy Institute on Tuesday, but The Guardian Australia obtained a transcript of the speech which also criticizes the Turnbull government's "unprecedented retreat" on a number of key issues including human rights, asylum seekers, foreign aid, clean energy and global warning.

The Greens, a party which has grown in popularity over the last decade, elected Di Natale as the party's leader last year, and in his speech he will say Australia needs to be a "confident and courageous country" and develop a strong foreign policy independent to that of the United States.

The transcript also says The Greens is the only party which understands the "most urgent" threat to national security which global warming poses, and said not using Australia's boundless potential for renewable energy was a waste of a great opportunity.

"We need a government that understands our collective economic future is clean and green, or it is no future at all," Di Natale will say on Tuesday.

"There are great opportunities for an Australia that capitalizes on this vision, as one of the sunniest and windiest countries in the world, Australia can lead the transition to a clean energy powered future."

The Greens leader will add that raising Australia's foreign aid contributions would be the "best investment" in national security,  as ending poverty in regions such as the Middle East and the Pacific would help end needless violence and extremism.

The Greens are currently caught in speculation they may side with one of the major political parties in order to secure a majority come the federal election on July 2.