Phnom Penh (FN), May 12 – Prime Minister Hun Sen told the press earlier today, May 12, 2016 that he absolutely did not believe in the “dirty” statement of the opposition Cambodian National Rescue Party and strongly urges that the offending acts by the CNRP activist in the U.S., known as Brady N. Young, who had posted a video saying Hun Manet is not his son, be strongly condemned.

“I do not believe in the statement, because it failed to use condemnatory wording against anybody who have offended me, my wife and my children,” the premier told the Executive Director of Fresh News Lim Cheavutha.

“They are of the same group and that’s why they dare not come up with a condemnation. It is therefore necessary to do something to fix this serious offending act. They must be prepared to pay a high cost should this offending act continues,” Prime Minister Hun Sen added.

In a graduation ceremony at the National Institute in Phnom Penh this morning, Prime Minister Hun Sen said opposition party activists have fabricated offending information that his son Hun Manet was actually not his real son but the son of a Vietnamese man.

The CNRP later today came up with a statement saying “CNRP would like to categorically deny any accusation that the party has fabricated the information that the son of Prime Minister Hun Sen is actually the son of a Vietnamese man.”

Despite the objection, a well-known CNRP activist in the U.S. Brandy N Young wrote clearly on his Facebook page on April 20, 2016 that “Do you, brothers and sisters, want a blood test between the father Hun Sen and his son Hun Manet? If you want a DNA test, please Like n share my clip.”

Apart from the written message, the CNRP activist also spent as much time as to around 3 minutes talking in the video around the issue of DNA test between Samdech Hun Sen and Mr. Hun Manet.