Bangkok (FN), August 9 – Rapid innovation is reshaping the way goods and services are produced and consumed. Digital economy, for instance, has potential to bring considerable economic benefits to the ASEAN countries for inclusive development.

“Innovative digital economy has made the capital market inclusive for everyone,” said Ms. Tipsuda Thavaramara, Deputy Secretary-General of Thailand's Securities and Exchange Commission in charge of Policy and Corporate Finance in the ASEAN Digital Economy Summit 2018 (ADES 2018), under the theme “Economy 4.0 brought by Blockchain”, held in Bangkok, Thailand on 9 August 2018.

At the summit, Minister of Digital Economy and Society of Thailand, Dr. Pichet Durongkaveroj also confirmed that on top of the economy, digital government will deploy big data mechanism to better serve the citizens. Thailand’s government, through Service Delivery Unit, can store, analyze, and distribute big data analytics to relevant authorities and institutions thanks to digital innovation.

Delivering a keynote address on the interpretation of investment environment and policies under “Economy 4.0” of Thailand, he said the government plans to launch “village internet system” project that will allow all the approximately 75,000 villages across the kingdom access to the internet. He also plans to strengthens “emergency response team” to the six main sectors, including finance, public health, transportation, telecommunications, energy, and national security.

He highlighted that The 8th Ayeyawady – Chao Phraya – Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy (ACMECS Summit), held in Bangkok on 16 June 2018, played significant roles in promoting digital economy.

The ACMECS Master Plan, 2019-2023, initiated by Thailand, provides a guideline direction for ACMECS in the next five years. The Master Plan will also help this sub-region integrate into the global value and supply chains through the application of knowledge and innovation, access to digital technology, and Public-Private Partnership.

ACMECS leaders put efforts to promote software connectivity namely trade, investment, and industrial cooperation to facilitate movements of people, free flows of goods, services, and investment, and financial cooperation including the establishment of the ACMECS Fund and ACMECS Infrastructure Fund and Trust.

ASEAN Digital Economy Summit 2018 (ADES 2018) is hosted by the Institute of ASEAN Digital Economy Innovation, and organized by Thai-Chinese Friendship Association, Thailand China Journalists’ Association, China Report ASEAN, and CAS Innovation Cooperation Center (Bangkok).

Featuring a broad range of content, such as keynotes, panel discussions, closed-door meetings and networking, ADES summit 2018 aims to promote ASEAN opportunities, investment landscape, technology innovation, blockchain development and industry trends, blockchain investment status and opportunities, driven by innovation, technology, and investment.